Physical-Chemical Properties

We have a range of test methods, developed for determining physical-chemical properties, particularly for plant protection products. These methods were developed and validated under auspices of OECD, EU, CIPAC and others.

NoMethodMethod No
1UV-VIS Absorption SpectraOECD TG 101
2Melting PointOECD TG 102/EU A.1
3Boiling PointOECD TG 103/EU A.2
4Vapor pressureOECD TG 104/EU A.4
5Water SolubilityOECD TG 105/EU A.6
6Partition coefficient (n-octanol/water)OECD TGs 107
OECD TGs 116
OECD TG 123/EU A.8
7Relative DensityOECD TG 109/EU A.3
8Surface TensionOECD TG 115/EU A.5
9Dissociation Constants in WaterOECD TG 112
10Screening Test for Thermal Stability and Stability in AirOECD TG 113
11ViscosityOECD TG 114
12Determination of pH, Acidity and AlkalinityOECD TG 122
13Flash PointEU A.9
14Flammability (solids)EU A.10
15Flammability (gases)EU A.11
16Flammability (contact with water)EU A.12
17Pyrophoric Properties of Solids and LiquidsEU A.13
18Explosive PropertiesEU A.14
19Auto Ignition Temperature (liquids and gases)EU A.15
20Relative Self-Ignition Temperature for SolidsEU A.16
21Oxidizing Properties (solids)EU A.17
22Oxidizing Properties (liquids)EU A.21