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Aquatic ecotoxicology We perform short-term and long-term studies with different species of aquatic organisms representing all trophic levels of aquatic environment. The studies are performed in static, semi-static and flow-through systems depending on stability of the corresponding test item. All studies include appropriate chemical analysis of test item using validated methods in the test media. … Continue reading Aquatic ecotoxicology
Terrestrial ecotoxicology We offer a broad range of different terrestrial studies with species representing non-target arthropods, soil organisms, bees and non-target plants. The tests are performed in compliance with respective OECD, EPA, ISO and other guidelines. NoMethodMethod No 1Earthworm, Acute Toxicity TestOECD TG 207 2Terrestrial Plant Test: Seedling Emergence and Seedling Growth TestOECD TG 208 … Continue reading Terrestrial ecotoxicology
E-fate and biodegradation In our portfolio we have methods for ready and inherent biodegradability (depending on the properties of the test item) as well as a range of methods assessing the fate of chemical substances in the environment. NoMethodMethod No 1Ready Biodegradability: DOC Die-Away TestOECD TG 301A 2Ready Biodegradability: CO2 Evolution Test (Modified Sturm Test)OECD … Continue reading E-fate and biodegradation